• Italian wedding band: The Boden Band

Frequently Asked Questions

The Boden Band can be booked in configurations to suit all budgets, ranging from a 2-piece to a 8-piece. The smallest set up is the 2-piece (featuring Lead Vocal and Guitar). Our most popular set up is the 5-piece but if you want to go all-out we recommend our 8-piece.

As standard, we play for up to 2 hours, either as a straight set or as 2 x 60 minutes with a break. We prefer to play with a break if possible, as this gives the band time to get a glass of water and for the guests to get something to eat or have a breather. For a small additional fee we can perform for an extra 30 minutes, giving you 2 hours and 30 minutes of live music.

Each client has different needs and each event is unique, and there are many additional options we can provide in addition to the standard 2 hours set, such as a later finish; a longer set;  background music during drinks or when guests are arriving, and the size of the band can range from a 2-piece right up to a 8-piece. We like to talk through your individual requirements and come up with a tailored quote for your event from there.

We require a 30% deposit of the total amount to secure the booking, by BACS transfer, with the remaining balance of the payment due in full a minimum of 10 days before the performance date please.  

The ideal stage or performance area should be 6m by 3m but if space is tight - we can all just about fit into an area of 5m by 2m for the 4-piece band. The size required will increase for the larger band setup.

We bring a laptop computer with a huge collection of party hits from all eras to put on before, between and after our live sets.

We have a lot of experience choosing our set lists and running order as we know what works with what, some tracks just don't work, especially if the key of the music clashes...However, we are more than happy to take requests, among the songs from our set lists, before the event so we can find a way to work them into the set without unwanted tempo drops or clashes of sound.

The best thing to do is let us know any songs you definitely DO or DON’T want rather than a list that we feel we have to stick to. See our set list page to see the full list of current songs we play.

It takes us an hour and a half to unload our van, set up and sound check (if there are no access problems to the venue).

Be sure to have planned our live performances around a schedule, as the best events have a great flow to them - so don't go serving the buffet when we're 20mins into the first set!
To create an epic finale to your event, we recommend timing the final set to the last hour of the party.
From experience these timings make a great schedule:

  • Arrival 18:00 to be set up and soundchecked by 19:30
  • Background/DJ party music from 19:30 until 20:30
  • 1st live performance from 20:30 until 21:30
  • Background/DJ music from 21:30 until 22:45
  • 2 live performance from 22:45 until 23:45 with encores or DJ music until midnight

Nothing special, just a secure room to change in, a meal and refreshments.

While we are based in Florence, we are able to travel locally in Tuscany, across Italy and even internationally if you require!

We do recommend that you book as far in advance as possible, especially if you are having a summer event on a Friday or Saturday night, due to this being the most busy time of the year for us.

Providing it is in our repertoire, we can of course play your first dance. Having said this, even if we don’t know it already, and providing we have enough time, we would be more than happy to learn it from scratch, which is something we offer for free. If learning the song isn’t possible, we would play it using our iPad or laptop over the PA system.

We have a team of trained up and ready-to-go ‘dep’ musicians should one of the band members fall ill just before or on the day of the event, so rest assured, the band’s performance will still be the same!

No problem at all. The microphones can either be handheld or left on a stand.  However, we don’t use radio mics in our live setup so, should you need them, you will have to hire them in ad-vance.

2 double 16amp mains plug sockets is our standard power requirement. For out of doors performances, please ensure we have enough power being generated (if using a generator) as bands in the past have ran into trouble when the power generator doesn't produce enough juice!

The S.I.A.E. permit is the authorization to use music paying the relative copyrights during public exhibitions in Italy in accordance to Italian Law.
This needs to be requested directly from the organizers of the event. You can attein the permit in the local S.I.A.E office. The Boden Band does not do this, but we will fill in all the necessary forms which will be supplied to the clients.
The Boden Band will not take care of attaining said permit nor of handing it back in the day after for no reason whatsoever.
The cost of said S.I.A.E permit is not included in the cost of the booking.
The cost of said S.I.A.E permit is not a payment for The Boden Band but an amount paid to the authors and editors of the music performed during the evening (enlisted then on the form).

If you want The Boden Band to play live in two different places we need to be notified in advance and this will have an extra cost.