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WEDDING DIARY 10/12/2019

11 January, 2020



After a full summer of concerts all over Italy and Europe, winter has arrived.
Playing live at so many weddings gave us the opportunity to play live all over our beautiful country, Italy.
As the regions are so different, Italy can satisfy evrey need for your perfect wedding abroad.
We performed at many parties, providing both live music and DJ sets. Our eclectic set list can satiify
diverse crowds from all over the world.
What's important for us is seeing you dancing to the music making your wedding party unforgettable.
I’ve made a panoramic list of what it's like to hold a wedding in Italy, with brief descriptions of many
regions, I hope it will help the bride and the groom find the wedding of their dreams.

A wedding in Tuscany

1) What to visit in Tuscany during your wedding abroad?

There are many historical places to visit. If you love walking you will quickly realise that most of the cities
in Tuscany are like “open air museums”.

2) What food to try in Tuscany during your wedding abroad

If your wedding in Tuscany is more orientated to good food and wonderful countryside, Tuscany is the best choice you have. Siena, Firenze, Lucca, Valdorcia; are all great options for you and your guests to experience the best wedding dinner ever! Complete with a backdrop of the natural beauty of the area.

3) What it's like a party in Tuscany 

Let’s talk about the options for the party and the live music of your wedding. Imagine partieing barefoot on the grass of Tuscany’s hills. The music of the band, the lights and the Dj’s selection will create an unforgetable wedding party experience. As we come from Tuscany, we know where to go for the best live music in the best clubs. My band play live music in all the best clubs and private parties in Florence during the winter. If you are in Florence (Tuscany) we invite you to come, listen and party with us all night long.

A wedding in Campania

1) What to visit on in Campania during your wedding abroad

As this region is in southern Italy, we have to mention the glorious sea. If you are looking for a wedding
where you can enjoy sunshine and beach, Campania is a great choice. LikeTuscany, a wedding in
Campania gives you many options, especially If the bride and the groom are looking for delicious food by
the beach, in Campania you will experience both a very warm and relaxing wedding.

2) What food you should try in Campania during your wedding abroad

If you’ve planned your wedding in Campania you have to try the famous and original Pizza for dinner.
So, if you love food, Campania is the perfect choice for the dinner of your wedding.

3) What it's like to party in Campania

A tip that we give to the bride and the groom is an aperitif on the beach while dancing to the groovy DJ
set, perfect before the real party with live music gets started.
One of our best experiences has been providing the music for a wedding party on the roof of a luxurious
hotel with the beautiful landscape of Costiera Amalfitana. Watching the wedding crowd dance to our
music with that kind of view is a thrill that you should absolutely try.

A wedding in Sicily

1) What to visit in Sicily during your wedding abroad

A wedding in Sicily would be a wild experience in an ancient and beautiful land. If you are a lover of the
sea, Sicily is well known as one of the most beautiful regions for enjoying your wedding abroad. You can
also walk along the beach and take wonderful photos.
Imagine an aperitif on the beach on the day of your wedding. Crystal clear sea and the right selection of
music by our DJ. Picture yourself in the water with a cocktail, the warmth of the sun on your back with
your favourite songs pulseing from the speakers.

2) What it's like a party in Sicily

Choosing the beach as the location of your wedding party would offer to the bride and groom much more
than an aperitif with the DJ. For an unforgettablle wedding night you could consider our live band on
stage on the beach, this would be an unbeatable way to enjoy our live music. If you get hot while dancing
why not dive into the water? Choosing Sicily as your wedding destination will be a great gift to your

3. What food should you try in Sicily

During your wedding abroad In Sicily you will find a rich culinary tradition; well balanced selection of salty and sweet plates that will satisfy both the wedding lunch and dinner. Let me suggest both the bride and grooms parties try arancini - don't eat too many of them... they are good, but you have to be full of energy to be able to dance as light as a feather at your wedding party!

A wedding in Lazio

1) Catholic ceremony for your wedding

If you are looking for a catholic ceremony for your wedding you won’t find a better place than Rome,
home of the Vatican City. Rome is also well known for its food tradition that will satisfy every desire for a
perfect dinner and aperitif at your wedding.

2) What to visit on in Rome during your wedding abroad

If you like history Rome is one of the most famous destinations in the world, and your wedding could be
the right occasion for experiencing a romantic walk along the ruins of the capital of the Roman Empire.
Rome is a convenient location connected to the rest of the world by a very efficient international airport
,easy access for your guests.

3) What food you should try in Rome during your wedding abroad?

Rome has some of the most delicious pasta recipes. A wedding dinner with pasta Carbonara or pasta
Amatriciana on the menu is one of the best decisions you will make. Pizza romana is another delicious
option that the bride and the groom should definitely consider on their wedding vacation. It's hard to
resist when the food is so tasty. Food is very important but what it is even more important is that you can
leave your chair and party with all your spirit and your soul after dinner.

4) What it's like a party in Rome?

We have provided live music in many locations and venues here. One of the best memories we have is
playing a huge wedding party inside a medieval castle. The groom and the wife were quite young, and
they couldn’t get enough of our music. When we see parties like these having fun, and dancing all night
to our music, we don’t want to stop partying either!

We really hope you liked the first part of our wedding's diary.

Best wishes to all the future brides and grooms that choose Italy as destination for their wedding abroad.

See you next week with the 2nd part of the diary.

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