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The "Do Not Play List": 10 Songs to Skip at Your Wedding Party

30 March, 2018

You have been planning your wedding reception very carefully. The more detailed is the plan, the better: From the menu and the wineglass to the dress code and the flowers. And, of course, the music to play.

You should choose the music band that you like most and your favourite playlist with the songs that you love the most.

It sounds great but... let me ask you something... Have you ever wondered what playlist you Do Not Want at your wedding party? This is not a stupid question as it might seem.

Playing an unpleasant song is like singing off-key during the most moving moment of a concert ... and your wedding reception is like a concert. There is a specific code, and everything should run smoothly.

Maybe there is a song topping the charts ... but it is about a bride who was killed on her wedding night. Well, it would sound quite awkward for the context ...

After careful considerations, we decided to give you the “Do Not Play List” for a wedding party.

If you know other songs, let us know!


1. In general, no silly songs

Like Gangnam Style, Macarena, Aserejè Umbrella-... DJs love these songs since they believe to nicely interact with the guests by making them dance together with funny mimicry.

However, if you and your guest do not like them, make sure that these dance floor monsters do not make an appearance on your wedding playlist otherwise they will be played anyway. You can bet it!

Of course, we are sure these songs will make the children dance, but they are not that high end...being pretty unsuitable for an elegant event ...if you want a style event, skip these songs.


2. Don't worry be happy by Bobby McFerrin

This song deserves a separate chapter. Do you really want your guests to celebrate your most beautiful day with the notes of this sweet-talk nursery rhyme? You can do anything you want but believe us, it is better not to find it on your playlist. Unless it is one of your favourite songs, tell them to avoid it.


3. I will survive by Gloria Gaynor

This is a must-to-play for social occasions. Perhaps for the liberating refrain ... but it is sad, and it is about the end of love and the way to go on with your life. Not really a positive song... You should definitely skip it-  if you do not say anything, it will be played.


4. Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

This beautiful song by Eric Clapton is about the death of Eric's first-born jumped out a window. A perfect lyric for a funeral, but not for a wedding. For mysterious reasons, it has become very popular for romantic events ... but in our opinion, it evokes too much of a painful feeling to become a wedding hymn.


5. Show must go on by The Queen

The show must go on. Even if you are about to die. Freddie Mercury's sad epitaph is still tearful... but I could do without it at my wedding party.


6. You give love a bad name by Bon Jovi

As passionate as any, this famous '80s hit has one tiny problem: it refers specifically to betrayal. Not exactly the topic for that day…


7. When the wild roses grow by Nick Cave

A beautiful ballad about a morbid love that worsens and dramatically turns into a murder. Unless you have already decided to become widowers, we believe that this song is not right for a wedding party.


8. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam

A car accident and the death of the beloved one. Again, I could do without it. Let's leave daily sadness for another moment...


10. All the songs by My Dying Bride

We love this doom metal band, but we are pretty sure that they did not start their career as a wedding music band ...although your wedding reception will be devoted to hard rock, leave them out your playlist.


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