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How to Choose Your Wedding Musicians

20 January, 2018

Music can make a difference between a memorable day and a debacle.
What is the point?
Dancing together with your friends and relatives to the sound of a music band that can really create the
atmosphere you want for the most important day of your life.
But what are the characteristics a wedding band should have to make a successful wedding reception?
We have pinpointed eight.
Great wedding music bands often play together, not just occasionally for a single event.
It is essential for a band to be tight-knit and this makes the show more engaging.
In a word, you cannot just call four friends of the bride who play and put them together for the occasion.
Although they are all good players, it will make the difference! And not in a good sense...
The kind of music is essential.
Rock, rap, blues, pop, metal, alpine horns? What music do you like? What kind of music do your friends
love? A synthesis of yours and your friends favourite melodies is the right answer!
In general, unless your party is a skit night, the perfect band for your wedding will be able to play different
kinds of music, to cover most of your guests’ preferences.
Check the repertoire on the band website: this is the group's business card!
Involving the guests is the most important thing.
It is not enough for the band to be good players; the occasion is special.
An indie-alternative band, detached and concentrated on music only, usually does not create the right
atmosphere ... unless your guests want exactly this kind of show!
The perfect wedding band will be able to interact with guests in a funny but not intrusive way by making
everyone feeling at ease in this unique opportunity for bonding!
The right wedding band does not get lost in long speeches. Chattering can kill the spirit of the party.
If bride and groom or other guests are invited to make a speech, it is fine. It is part of the programme for
the party, and is at the sole discretion of the couple ... but the musicians should not. They must play not
making sermons.
Dance, dance, dance!
Whatever the music is, a wedding band should warm up the party and make the guests jump, dance and
participate. Again, as long as your idea is not a chamber music quartet or a wedding party in which
everyone is strictly sitting down. But, how boring!
The importance of making clear agreements.
Always make sure (whether you are the band, or the couple) to put everything in writing, especially if the
organisation goes through a wedding planner. It must all be clear: which songs are for the couple, how long
will be the musical part, what is the agreed price and when it will be paid, where will the band be housed
and what will be their meal, who will pay the SIAE (the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) and the
performing rights, who will supply the audio mixer, the speakers and the lighting system. If every detail is
well defined, on the day of the wedding everyone will be able to easily dedicate to his duty. That means:
musicians should play, and the couple get married!
Before choosing, it is essential to have seen the band live on stage. It seems trivial, but underestimate this.
If you can, do not limit to watching a video on YouTube, try to meet the band, go and see one of their
To be sure that they are really the band you want make sure you feel a connection. The event will be better
if the band and the couple get along well!
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