• Italian wedding band: The Boden Band

A day in the life of a Wedding Band in Tuscany

25 May, 2016

Tuscany is beautiful… everyone knows that!  And if you happen to play in a band, it can be even more gorgeous. Commuting to work means driving through the green, cultivated hills of Chianti or playing the setlist on a stage near the Mangia Tower in Siena, or a few meters away from Ponte Vecchio in Florence! These are some typical situations that can happen if you play live music with a wedding band in Tuscany. Our band, The Boden Band, plays many different styles: funky, soul, rock, pop, lounge, motown, Italian pop, jazz, blues: we are always happy to change our setlist in order to make the bride and the groom happy… 

Our mission is simple: to entertain all the people involved in the event! So, we hope that friends, parents and relatives of the newlyweds will enjoy our music, as we will be happy and proud to play for them! 

Our bass player and drummer will create a fine groove, our guitarist will play hot rock and roll and funky riffs and, last but not least, our fantastic singer will liven up the party!

At the end, we will be back home late in the night, tired but happy, driving one more time in the romantic Tuscan night, greeted by long rows of vineyards, standing in silence under the moonlight. Until the next wedding, the next party, the next wonderful day.

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